A word about CoPI


Collaboration, Co-Production and Impact generation - CoPI - define the pillars upon which the TalkTogether project has been conceptualised. 


Our collaborative activities range from research between academic partners to knowledge exchange between academia and individuals or organisations sharing learnings, ideas and experiences. 


We see co-production as partners working together, sharing power and responsibility from the start to the end of the activity, to generate new materials and knowledge.


We are engaged in the following activities and see each as a potential pathway to impact:

  • Stakeholder engagement which we see as a process of involving people affected by decisions being made in the domain area or who influence the implementation of those decisions.

  • Public engagement which we see as a two-way activity to engage the public with our research.

  • Research dissemination through academic channels such as publications and conference presentations. 

  • Research dissemination through non-academic channels including the digital and print media.